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The science behind it?

Increased Contact

Properly cleaned and honed grooves allow you to make better contact with the ball. Grooves displace grass/water/dirt/debris etc off of the club face. The reason for this is to maximize the friction between the club face and the ball. The cleaner/sharper the grooves, the more grass/water/dirt/debris displaced resulting in maximum contact. With your increased contact, you can expect to hit the ball longer AND straighter!

Increased Spin

The friction between the club face and the ball as well as the balls compression on the club face is what creates spin. With clean and sharp grooves fending away grass/water/dirt/debris this allows your club face to do the work as it is designed: to generate a high spin rate. A high spin rate causes the ball to fly higher and stop more quickly on landing. Spin is what is responsible for the dreaded slices and hooks that are losing your golf balls. 

Increased Control

Club manufactures spend millions and millions of dollars to enhance the technology behind golf clubs. Irons are specifically designed with grooves into the club for very special reasons which server as a definite purpose. They are important in allowing you to hit your best shot. With more grass/water/dirt/debris being removed during impact with the club head and the ball, you get the ability amplify contact. Better contact means more spin, less hooks and slices and more straight shots!

What golfers are saying about the groove sharper/cleaner

Typical online purchase, skeptical at first but glad i pulled the trigger.  my clubs are a few years old and definitely have their fair share of wear and tear. Since i spent a fortune on the clubs, i wanted to get them to perform like they used too. Since it was only 20 bucks, i gave the tool a shot. I would definitely recommend it, i actually use the tool all of the time (to my suprise)

Dan W. (New York, USA)

This is unbelievable! After using the groove sharpener, my approach shots were stopping quicker! Have not gotten any chip ins or hole in ones yet, but fingers crossed soon!

Rick E. (San Francisco, USA)

The tool was super easy to use! Results were actually noticeable in my first round after using this. This has now been put into my after round routine to sharpen and clean all my grooves. Its as good as it gets.

Kenneth P. (Naperville, IL)

One of my favorite (and cheapest haha) investments with golf so far! A quick and cheap tool to use to generate more spin! 

Ralph G. (Ontario, CA)

The customer service was great, the product arrived quickly! I used this tool on my Volkey wedges to start and ended up doing all of my irons!

Gerald K. (Scottsdale, USA)

Heres my bit of feedback on the tool i ordered from golfgrinds.com. The tool did exactly what it would said it would do! It didnt fix my ugly swing but i definitely feel more confident standing over the ball. I have yet to notice more backspin on the greens, but with all my wedges and irons the ball is definitely stopping quicker. 

Scott W. (Portland, USA)

tool worked just fine! No complains from my end.

David G. (Philadelphia, USA)

I wanted to know all of the Cons before ordering this product, i emailed them and they provided me with statistics on the tool and the benefits! Not a single con stood out to me! After receiving my order (quickly i might add) the tool made was quick, painless and easy to use! I love it.

Todd A. (Colombus, USA)

Well, i wish i bought this sooner! Undeniably one of the cooler and best golf tools out there that actually work!

Eric K. (Boston, USA)