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Golf Grinds™| Premium Groove Revitalizer

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Player tested AND player approved, over 75,000 sold! 
Why do you need this tool?
-Immediately generate more spin
-Immediately increase control
-Immediately increase contact
-Immediately get lower scores
-One time purchase is good for a lifetime of use...GUARANTEED  
This tool was designed because grooves naturally wear down after just 20 rounds of golf. With worn down grooves and dirty grooves, you are not allowing them to do their job, resulting in bad shots! Dirt, debris, grime, grass, and water bury deep in your grooves and get stuck there. Worn down grooves actually contribute on average to an extra 3-4 strokes per round (or more for some players) This tool digs deep into your grooves to clean them out of any unwanted material giving it a full and sharp clean, something that a golf tee cannot simply do.


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